New exercise for life class in Huntly

25 October 2016

GCRA, the long-established Community Based Exercise Charity, is starting a NEW Exercise class in The Community Room in Huntly Fire & Rescue Station on Wednesday 26th October. The class will run weekly from 2.30 to 3.30 pm under the leadership of Level 4 qualified & experienced instructor , Linda Bethell.

This will be a seated exercise class and will be suitable for individuals with limited mobility in addition to a wide range of long-term health conditions. It can be adapted for wheelchair users, but will include balance exercise training for those who are on their feet. The class will have a 15-minute group warm-up followed by a 30 minute structured exercise programme to develop functional strength & balance and will end with a 15 minute cool-down session.

A self-referral system will operate with application questionnaires available at the class at 2.10 pm or from the GCRA office in Turriff . The fee will be £4 per weekly class plus an annual fee of £10 for membership to GCRA. Your first attendance at the class is FREE.

Further information will be available from Linda Bethel on 01464 861015 or from the GCRA office in Turriff on 01888 569160